You are kindly invited to contact us initially by email after reading our website. Please book directly by e-mail. Please inform us your:

    - Full name
    - Phone Number
    - Email Address
    - City & State
    - Have a valid TER username/handle
    - Your 2+ provider references


You are also invited to contact us initially by mail. 


Please note that advance bookings will be subject to confirmation by telephone before a predetermined deadline on the day of the assignment. Failure to confirm on time may mean a booking will not be honored.

Should you be running late for a liaison please telephone advise us your anticipated ETA. Please note that in the case of a late arrival in excess of 15 minutes we reserve the right to revise or cancel a booking. For all other matters that may not have been covered in our information pages e.g. praise, complaints and constructive criticism, you are kindly invited to send a mail to the following address: